Website update

We have been working hard the past couple of weeks to update the checkout process for Sparkpad and are pleased to announce this is now live! The new checkout gives better flexibility, more options and new ways to pay.

The options now available are:

  • Assembly - Choose whether you want your Sparkpad built by us or just the components
  • Case options - Including no case, standard or custom
  • Keycap sticker packs - Including a streamers, productivity and the mini pack
  • Additional key caps - If you need more key caps, these can be ordered individually
  • USB Cable - Add a 2 metre USB data cable to your order
  • Upload your custom image - If you opt for the custom Sparkpad you can now upload a PNG or JPEG image of the image you want on there

These changes will also allow us to expand into offering other products in the future, so watch this space!